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The Gift of Giving

The autumn months call for a traditional pattern of celebration. The holiday season allows for opportunities to reconnect with friends and family, explore newfound interests, and revisit past passions. This is a time of giving. Many people head to the stores during the holiday season to begin their celebrations of giving. However, there are many other ways to experience the rewards of giving without ever purchasing an actual “gift.”

This holiday season consider these ways to give; to your loved ones, your friends, your community.
• Time; undivided attention is the best
• Authentic meaningful gifts, which could be home-made and not store-bought
• Acknowledge others effort and hard work
• Volunteer or donate time to a local shelter, hospital, or other community agency

So, why is giving important?

Evidence shows that when we give we can improve our health and our own feelings of happiness. Researchers have suggested that giving helps decrease stress, thus improving physical health and overall wellness. One example was a study conducted in 2006, by Rachel Piferi of Johns Hopkins University and Kathleen Lawler of the University of Tennessee. They found that people who provided social support to others had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t. In addition to health benefits, when you give, you also evoke gratitude in others and promote cooperation and social connection.

What is Alternative Education doing to give this season?

We make time to connect as a student and staff through potlucks and a multitude of ASB activities. Student’s efforts are acknowledged and celebrated daily and also monthly at our awards assemblies. We also seek opportunities to collaborate with community agencies to volunteer. These efforts create a sense of belonging and community here at Shores. How will YOU give this holiday season?