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Mission Statement

 Mission Statement

The mission of Redondo Shores High School is to provide opportunities for ALL students to achieve their academic and career aspirations, and become successful and productive citizens. Our students are encouraged to tackle current and future challenges and to develop social and global awareness, civic responsibility, and personal growth so they will be active and informed members in the 21st century and beyond.
Vision Statement
Redondo Shores High School Vision is that all individuals will have opportunities to achieve their dreams.




Demonstrate critical thinking skills in reading, writing, math, and technology and apply them in all subject areas. Generate new ideas, processes, and products. Read, write, speak, and listen with organization, focus, and coherence.


Demonstrate a sense of personal and social responsibility through positive decision making. Demonstrate awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Learn the importance of not only intelligence, but character as well.


Establish a positive outlook towards school, career, and life goals. Exercise rights and privileges of citizenship.


Make decisions based on an examination of the situation and the alternatives. Peacefully resolve conflicts. Prioritize, monitor, and evaluate attendance and progress towards goals and objectives.


Establish and apply criteria to support judgments and opinions. Work in collaborative groups to achieve common goals.


Explore educational opportunities after high school, while working towards meeting graduation requirements. Apply standards based learned concepts to everyday situations.



  1. To provide a rigorous, but nurturing educational experience for all students
  2. To provide necessary behavioral interventions for all students
  3. To provide comprehensive service learning experiences for all students
  4. To provide a safe learning environment for all students
  5. To provide a supportive and nurturing school environment for all students